A mans work is never done

We all know that men do not put in the hours, and that women have to shoulder the extra hours of work per week in a household. Or do we?

Here is a quiz to test your knowledge and maybe flush out some biases:

  • Who does more paid work per week, on average, men or women?
  • Who does more total work (housework + paid work) per week?
  • When you add in time spent with children to the total work, who does more men or women?
  • In the period from 2002 to 2016 who spends more hours involved in the three areas mentioned above, men or women?

Since 2001 The Household, Income and Labour Dynamics in Australia (HILDA) survey has been tracking Australian households and analysing the results. Its 2018 report which covers the years 2002 to 2016, has just been released and sheds some light on actual practice, including some interesting figures on how the week at work varies for men and women.  It also answers the quiz questions above: read more

driving men nuts?

According to recent media reports men have more accidents than women therefore men are worse drivers.

We are both equally competent drivers and  I drive 5km a day while you drive 500km. Who is more likely to have an accident and therefore make an insurance claim?  It may depend somewhat on where the driving takes place, but assuming similar conditions, the person with 100 times the driving kilometres is more likely to have a crash.   If one drives 100 times the distance then, if they have two or three times the number of accidents compared with  the other, they are doing well and are probably better drivers read more

Dad Deprived Boys

Boys are in crisis, and the primary cause is lack of Dads in their lives.  In other words Dad Deprivation. This  affects all kids but is critical for boys as they grow up. We are living in a world where the contribution of fathers to their children’s upbringing is undervalued to the point where our boys especially are in crisis. read more

Enthusiastic consent laws??

“Hi Everyone, I have just completed a skype interview with Lorraine Finlay, a very brave law lecturer from Murdoch University in Perth, about proposed changes to sexual consent laws in NSW. Lorraine is a former WA State Prosecutor and co-author of the 2015 book “Criminal Law in Australia”. read more

Its time to call it MISANDRY

Everyone knows the word “misogyny” and its overuse is epidemic. Ever since Julia Gillard used it (wrongly) to put down Tony Abbott in the Australian parliament, it has gained status as the “goto” put-me-down against men.

Its actual meaning is all about “hating” women, but her use has extended its meaning to “entrenched prejudice against women” and even any remark that criticizes or suggests any imperfection. read more

What you need to know about the anxiety – cancer link in Men

Worried chaps really do have something dreadful to fret about. A University of Cambridge study released this week claims that men who suffer from anxiety are more than twice as likely to die from cancer as men who don’t. What’s more, the study of nearly 16,000 Britons found that chronic anxiety affected only men in this way. Women seem to be immune. read more

The evidence why inflated self-esteem is a growing problem

This is how it used to work: John would do something well, and as a consequence his self-esteem would build. His parents loved him (to them he was “special”)  and supported him, but didn’t see the need to keep telling him that “ he could do anything”. He was good at some things, excellent at a few, and more or less average at others.  He also knew that there were limits to his options and got some help in to choose directions for his life and career.  Oh, and he was called John (or Andrew or David) not Zed or Xendu! read more

What the media gets completely wrong about “gender roles”, and why it matters.

From their looks you can tell that they are thinking “ Mum is so hopeless, but let’s try to be nice to her”. Then Dad appears, making breakfast, organising lunches and checking school uniforms before setting off for his day at work. He is impressive.

The Twittersphere would shake with outrage at the portrayal of women. It is sexist, misogynistic and degrading. It would last about 2 microseconds before it was taken down. There would be complaints to the media regulators and the press would be in morally “super indignant mode”. read more

It’s time we acknowledged the crisis in men’s mental health

The graph shows the rates of suicide by gender in specific age groups. Here is the challenge: Make a one sentence summary of what you see.

It is so glaringly, “in your face” obvious: the thing that stands out is the massive difference in suicide rates between men and women. Men are suiciding at many times the rate for women and the rate is increasing, yet this result is not getting much prominence in the media.  It is almost taboo to focus on the figures showing that this is a huge issue for men.  We look at bits of the data that give some sort of edge to women: for example, that for young women, the 15 – 19 age group has the most suicides and this is not the case for men, although in that age group men still have a higher rate than women.  This analysis is true, but deflects attention from the significant statistic that at every age men are suiciding at far greater rates than women. read more