Dad Deprived Boys

Boys are in crisis, and the primary cause is lack of Dads in their lives.  In other words Dad Deprivation. This  affects all kids but is critical for boys as they grow up. We are living in a world where the contribution of fathers to their children’s upbringing is undervalued to the point where our boys especially are in crisis.

School achievement
By 3rd grade, boys whose fathers were present scored higher on every achievement test and received higher grades

School dropouts
71% of high school dropouts have minimal or no father involvement

Living in a home without a dad is more highly correlated with suicide among children and teenagers than any other factor

Around 90% of runaway and homeless youths are from fatherless families.

Father absence predicts the profile of both the bully and the bullied: poor self esteem, poor grades and poor social skills.

Violent crime
Every 1% increase in fatherlessness in a neighbourhood, predicts a 3% increase in adolescent violence
……and much more ( taken from “The Boy Crisis” by Farrell & Gray”)

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