Its time to call it MISANDRY

Everyone knows the word “misogyny” and its overuse is epidemic. Ever since Julia Gillard used it (wrongly) to put down Tony Abbott in the Australian parliament, it has gained status as the “goto” put-me-down against men.

Its actual meaning is all about “hating” women, but her use has extended its meaning to “entrenched prejudice against women” and even any remark that criticizes or suggests any imperfection.

It could be said that her outburst was an example of MISANDRY but no one actually countered her outburst with it. The word “misandry ” needs to be used more to focus on the speech that attacks men, often all men,  without any reasonable grounds.  This “labelling” frenzy is illustrated in the video below, taken from a presentation by Christina Hoff Summers in an episode of the  “Factual Feminist”

Its sad that after the social media outrage Matt Damon had to apologise for what was essentially a speech totally supportive of the womens’ movement and presented in a reasonable and reasoned, coherent way.  Misandry at its worst!

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