The Facts

From the ABS, as at June 2015

Males accounted for 92% of all prisoners (33,256 prisoners) whilst women accounted for 8% (2,876 prisoners). Males accounted for over 90% of all adult prisoners across all the states and territories. (Table 13)
ABS, 2015

Women now make up over 60% of university graduates with men at just below 40%. This underrepresentation of men is an equity issue and if the gender data were reversed would be a hot equity topic, but because its men we just brush it under the table and find reasons to discount it, 2014

In 1981, suicide in men was 1.9 times higher than in women in the UK. In 2012, the male suicide rate increased to over three times higher than the female suicide rate.
Suicides in the United Kingdom, 2012 Registrations.

And in Australia: Consistently over the past 10 years, the number of suicide deaths was approximately 3 times higher in males than females.

In 2015, 75.6% of people who died by suicide were male.
Mindframe-Media, 2015

Suicide is approximately three times higher in males, which is consistent across every state and territory of Australia, and also statistics reported in other Western countries.

The ratio of male to female suicides rose from 2:1 in the 1960s to over 4:1 in the 1990s. Since the year 2000, the ratio of male to female suicides has been approximately 3:1.

For males, in 2015 the most common mechanism of suicide was hanging (58.8%), followed by poisoning by drugs (10.3%), firearms (7.6%) and then poisoning by other agents (7.4%).

For females, in 2015 hanging (48.7%) was also the most common method, followed by poisoning by drugs (26.3%).

In 2015, suicide represented 2.8% of all male deaths and 0.9% of all female deaths.